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  Kacey Brynne

Growing up, Kacey always knew that hair was her calling. Studying at a beauty center throughout high school, she received her cosmetology license and, upon graduation, was able to jump right into the industry. Continuing her love of education, Kacey went on to study at one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, Vidal Sassoon. Since then, she has worked in different salons across the greater Philadelphia area, apprenticing for the best stylists in the city all while pursuing her biggest passion: bridal hair.

Having worked in the hair industry for over ten years, Kacey knew her way around a pair of scissors, and up until 2017, that was enough. The most rewarding part of her job was always bridal work, which led her to doing what she loves. Kacey is a firm believer in creating your own bliss, and there is nothing more important to her than being passionate about her work.

“Sharing in the joy of a bride’s special day is my proudest accomplishment, and creating a look that represents her individual style is my biggest inspiration.”


Chasing her passion and the opportunity to expand her market, Kacey relocated to Austin, Tx in 2017 where her business took off and she had quickly become one of the most appealing local bridal stylists. She has since then moved to Charleston, SC in 2021 where she continues to pursue and grow her craft.

So, enough about me. If you are interested in bridal services, or just looking to start a conversation, send me a message, tell me your story, and let’s do this thing!

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